Quality, transparency and efficiency

Wihi is a software for the supervision and management of thesis projects. It streamlines the thesis process and reduces the amount of manual work, and it is meant to be used by students, coordinators, and advisors.

Why choose Wihi?

With Wihi, the student and advisor's communication is continuous and also documented. Since there is no need to spend time on basic tasks (such as tracking e-mails), the advisor has more resources available for supervising students.

Systemized thesis writing
The student sets goals and saves them as tasks in Wihi. The tool ensures that the work progresses fast enough and that matters related to it are documented in detail.
Documented communication
The student and teacher's comments are saved in Wihi. Comments related to different phases can be traced later at any time.
More transparency
The process ensures that the thesis is not copied or outsourced. Additionally, the organization can track the advisor's workload per project.
Efficient project supervision
Registrations, notes and phases related to the thesis are documented in Wihi.

Monitor progress

Wihi assists the student and advisor with the phases of thesis and offers tools with which to track the project's progress. Using the platform, the advisor can react quickly to the student's problems and questions.

Transparent process

While plagiarizing theses is not common, Wihi enables the advisor to closely track problematic cases, and it reduces the risk of plagiarized or bought theses.

Integrations and accessibility

Wihi can be integrated with an organization's most important systems and processes.

An efficient thesis process belongs to all students, and that is why we have invested in the system's accessibility and usability.

Student registry
Plagiarism detection tools
Mobile responsiveness ensures a functional user experience in all devices
Integrations with an organization's archive and reporting systems

Thesis project

Project phases in Wihi

Before project

Sends a topic proposal
Accepts the topic proposal and designates an advisor
Accepts the topic proposal

During project

Writes the thesis and communicates with the advisor
Monitors and manages the project
Communicates with the student and evaluates the thesis

After project

Publishes the thesis and reads the evaluation
Coordinator or advisor
Archives the project

Before project

  1. Student sends a topic proposal
  2. Coordinator accepts the topic proposal and designates an advisor
  3. Advisor accepts the topic proposal

During project

  1. Student writes the thesis and communicates with the advisor
  2. Coordinator monitors and manages the project
  3. Advisor communicates with the student and evaluates the thesis

After project

  1. Student publishes the thesis and reads the evaluation
  2. Coordinator or advisor archives the project


Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
Häme University of Applied Sciences
Humak University of Applied Sciences
Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences


Wihiin liittyviä uutisia

  • Urkund-plagioinnintunnistusjärjestelmän lisäksi korkeakouluilla on enenevissä määrin käytössään Turnitin-plagioinnintunnistusjärjestelmä. Jatkossa Wihistä löytyykin integraatio Urkundin lisäksi myös Turnitiniin.
  • Wihiin on tulossa toiminnallisuus, joka mahdollistaa liitteen lähettämisen kommentoitavaksi projektin ulkopuoliselle henkilölle, kuten työpaikan edustajalle tai kielentarkastajalle. Näin opinnäytetyöstä voi antaa lausuntonsa myös sellainen henkilö, jolla ei ole organisaation tunnuksia Wihiin. Annettu lausunto tallentuu opinnäytetyöprojektin työalueelle.
  • Wihin käyttöliittymät kokevat ilmeenkohotuksen. Käyttöliittymäparannuksilla on tarkoitus selkeyttää Wihin näkymiä ja tehdä Wihistä entistä saavutettavamman.

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